An uncontroled "Business" who cheats

Raised with a large family of deaf members. I have experienced some of the worst service anyone could tolerate. Even though it's considered as a non-profit organization, the main factor that comes before all things, is money. Yes it's greed, it's effects us all, including those who have fallen in the game called the "rat race". Once money is made the concept becomes a business factor.

I've experienced it, each and everyone of my family members has experienced it. It plays an important role, among the deaf community. Non-profit organizations, that we depend on, to build our communication barriers across the hearing world. And, there is no system, that controls the consumers right to better business, those who expect the best from their service. Not even a code, nor a national organization, has the power to control it.

Interpreter referral services, a business that contains a number of interpreters under contract. Once the number of interpreters shrinks, they'll break the code of ethics. The code only effects those who are registered members of RID not those who meet the standards of their state requirements. I don't blame the individual who has accepted the job request. I blame the non-profit org. who knew that the individual was not qualified for the job. The propose of the org. was to fill a job request, to increase their profit.

Again as a consumer, there is not a place or a code who controls non-profit interpreter referral services. Who was cheated? we are, each and every individual of the deaf community.


Build the wave, Join NAD

As a member of NAD, I have been officially accepted as a National Association of the Deaf Across America (NAA) recruiter. The campaign was launched on November 1st, its goal is to expand individual memberships by 5,000. Once the number is reached, NAD will have the ability to create a new online “NAD community center”, which would be filled with v/blogs.

NAD has accomplished its 127th year advocacy, “to promote, protect and preserve the rights and quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States.” Without our current or past NAD members our human rights would have been abused terribly. The ability to, watch TV today with closed or open captions, communicate by relay and TTY calls, to work without being discriminated or feeling rejected, could not be possible without NAD. Everyday a Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual faces challenging obstacles based on discrimination. (To view more Click àNAD’s history or accomplishments)

Come and support the community, join NAD today, to receive these benefits,

*representation on national issues of importance

*one year subscription to NADmag, a full-color magazine

*resources-filled NAD website

*Discount on NAD Biennial Conference

If you’re interested to know more about becoming a member of NAD, please feel free to surf the NAD website at www.nad.org or you could even go straight to filing out an application online at www.nad.org/join. When you do so, please don't forget to fill in the “referred by” as 113REI, that is one-one-three-R-E-I (as in ice).

Thank you for your support,

John Reininger Jr.

NAA Recruiter- 113REI


A minute worth of silence

A minute worth of silence, is a minute towards total awareness to the nation. Pepsi Co. has created the one of the kind televised advertisement, in total silence. The amazing thing is that we were always around for centuries, and not a sight of strong publicized awareness about the deaf. Until the day which will come, the day of the super bowl game.